Thank you for your interest in submitting your film to The Standard Print. We are now accepting submissions for our upcoming block(s) of films*.

We are currently waiving the Standard Submission Fee. Submit your film for free!

The Standard Print treats each Block of films like a curated experience. If accepted, your film will be programmed on our website along with 5 other films to create one of these Blocks. We also offer the opportunity to include your film as part of our shorts program at international festivals and other cultural events.
We share a deep respect for the work we screen and do everything in our power to deliver the best film-viewing experience. We make sure that your work takes center stage and offer you a chance to establish a personal connection to a global audience.
We also conduct a personal interview with the filmmaker. These conversations, along with your film, will be promoted and shared with our ever-expanding online audience.
After the screening period draws to a close, viewers will be able to access your film in The Standard Print archives.

How to Submit
If you would like to submit your film for consideration, click on the link below to begin the simple online process.

We are open to all genres and subjects, provided they are approached in a thought-provoking and visually engaging manner.
The Standard Print